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  • Post Designer

    With the custom designer tool, you can easily create any type of content you want to post in your fans newsfeed. With a simple drag-and-drop dashboard, you can insert images, videos, optin-forms, buttons, text, background images and more!

  • One Update, Multiple Shares

    From text to a huge variety of background editable images, BP Pro gives you the ability to post your own image/backgrounds through multiple social media sites with one click. Post design is feature rich and provides the ability to easily create powerful content with a few clicks.

  • Contents Feed

    Our software allows you to develop high quality content, optimize, and engage with your target audiences. This section lets you utilize the latest news and stories from the “trending categories” for your audiences latest news updates.

  • Unlimited Auto Posting

    Auto posting allows users to “set and forget” their social media marketing strategy.  Users can easily pick when they want posts to be made with recurring scheduling capabilities and choose from 31 categories that pull from news outlets such as CNN and Bloomberg to post automatically.  Multiple industries and campaigns can be selected.

  • Millions of HD Photos Vectors & Illustrations

    Choose from millions of HD images to post through BP Pro.  This amazing uploading option lets you choose from over 5 million images to promote from over , this amazing uploading option in BleuPagePro lets you choose from over half a million high resolution images, vectors, and illustrations to promote.

  • Unlimited Posts Scheduling

    BleuPagePro gives you the chance to seek out and re-schedule your favorite posts; you can even schedule your social media posts (Facebook, twitter, linked in and many more) in advance using the BleuPagePro scheduler option , so you can continue with the posts automatically as you focus on other tasks simultaneously.

  • Quickly Get Fans, Leads & Sales

    This new and improved version of BleuPagePro helps you grasp your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In pages by allowing you to post powerful interactive content directly into different newsfeeds.

  • Get Analytic Data

    Get easy analytics access, helping rank your best performance posts. Therefore, you can view your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In posts and you can re-schedule them anytime.

  • Hassle Free Upgrades

    This is a cloud based system works as a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means there is nothing to download. You can access BleuPagePro from a simple browser without having it installed on your system. We are updating our services from time to time and surely we’ll inform our valuable customers about it.The GREAT thing is, we will give FREE OF COST addition to our services on all the packages altogether.

  • Go Viral to Dominate Market

    Use the BleuPagePro “Gating” feature to get people to share your offer with their Facebook friends. With the push of a button, you can tell BleuPagePro when you want to “gate” an offer. Once your post is published, people will be asked to share your offer before they can access it for themselves, creating a free flow of viral traffic to your posts.

  • Major Social Platforms

    Log in to multiple accounts and gain leads from the coolest and smartest online marketing tool! You can manage all of your social meadia accounts through BleuPagePro. Currently you can manage Facebook, twitter, linked in, and Pinterest with many more to come. New features are also added daily, allowing us to keep up with social media and digital marketing trends so you don’t have to!

  • Build Your Email List

    By using the built-in “Email Marketing” posting feature, you can collect user emails from Facebook totally FREE! Plus, you can auto-deliver your opt-in content directly to the user after they’re on your list! This is a very powerful and effective list building technique that can increase profits within your business immediately.

Our Custom Template Collection


If you have a message worth sharing, you can gain leads and engage your audiences worldwide.  Get access to BleuPagePro today to get the responses your business needs from all social media platforms.

BleuPagePro makes it even easier to reach out to the world on multiple social media platforms at the same time.  You can see the results for yourself in days!

  • Constant Development

    Our R+D team is constantly developing new features to make your social media management experience completely aumoated, effective, and profitable.  Our team keeps up with the latest social media and digital marketing strategies and delivers new features to the platform every month, so you don’t have to!

  • Compliance

    Our software is fully approved and in compliance with all industry standards.  You will not face any legal or compliance issues from any social media platform due to BP Pro’s use.

  • Source of Contents

    We have linked our system to over 5000 famous content providers like CNN, BBC, and Bloomberg to provide the latest news and industry updates for your audience. There are 31 categories from business to fashion and health to food preparation to choose from.


Todd Lamb

Using BleuPagePro software I was able to explode the 'virality' of my campaigns and build up my email lists using simple optin promotional posts. In the first hour I was getting just under a 50% optin rate!! We are using this software in our dog niche and fitness niche with amazing results! Thanks guys for this awesome piece of software!

Dave Guindon
Appbreed Software

I was able to re-energize and engage an old Facebook fanpage by sending out simple promotional posts with BleuPagePro and build up fresh new leads & sales for my software business!

Ryan C Leonard

I used BleuPagePro to capture almost 4,000 emails and invited them to my prepper page. Have had over 200 new likes since then (a few hours ago) and comments, etc.

Ketil Berg

It was very easy to log in and connect my account. Planning and posting seems straightforward. I like the interface.It seemed like the most complete suite for auto-posting to several social media.

Dedrick Whitield
Odd Instruments

I'm very happy and satisfied with my purchase of BleuPage Pro

Salvador Santos
Home Club

The analytics BleuPage Pro provides has been very useful to me so I can reschedule popular/viral posts. Other social-media software either don't provide the analytics or don't come up to BleuPage Pro.





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Your Only All-In-One Social Marketing Software

  • Unlimited Fans, Tweets , Pins , Likes and Followers
  • Engage All Your Social Media Platforms
  • Customized Templates For Your Email Campaigns
  • Viral Share Gate option requires the user to share the post to reveal the contents
  • Collects post statistics for opens, clicks, shares and messages
  • Trusted By Millions Around The Globe
  • HD Eye-Popping Images, Vectors & Illustrations
  • 100% Auto Pilot With Zero Administration
  • Connect Directly To Your Favorite Email Marketing Platform
  • Export collected leads to a local CSV file for compatibility with any Autoresponder