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What Does Bleupage Do for Me?

  • Quickly Get Fans, Leads & Sales from Your Facebook Pages

    The Bleupage software app helps you monetize your Facebook page by allowing you to post powerful interactive content directly in people’s newsfeed.

  • Get Analytic Data

    You also get easy analytics, helping you identify your best performing posts. Therefore, you can watch your Facebook pages and your business grow directly from the software interface.

  • Build Facebook Pages on the Fly!

    Quickly build a Facebook fanpage using the built-in page creator tool. With a few clicks, our minimalistic design makes the process simple & painless. Let the software do the hard work for you .. so you don’t have to!

  • Build Your Email List!

    By using the built-in “Email Marketing” posting feature, you can collect user emails from Facebook totally FREE! Plus, you can auto-deliver your optin content directly to the user after they get on your list! This is a very powerful and effective list building technique that can increase profits within your business very quickly.

  • Custom Design Your Posts

    With the custom designer tool, you can easily create any type of content you want to post in your fans newsfeed. With a simple drag-and-drop dashboard, you can insert images, videos, optin-forms, buttons, text, backgound images and more!

  • Go Viral to Dominate Your Market!

    Use the Bleupage “Gating” feature to get people to share your offer with their Facebook friends. With the push of a button, you can tell Bleupage when you want to “gate” an offer. Once your post is published, people will be asked to share your offer before they can access it for themselves, creating a free flow of viral traffic to your posts.

The Holy Grail of Facebook Marketing!

People will have the ability to interact with your content! They can fill out forms, share your content, click links, redeem coupons and more.

Getting into people’s newsfeeds is the holy grail of Facebook marketing. Unlike ads, people are actively reading their newsfeed content every day.

In fact, a recent report by ComScore shows that people spend 27% of their Facebook time reading their newsfeeds.

Do You Have a Message to Share?

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  • Powerful Facebook Marketing

    With Bleupage, not only are you placing your offers directly in your customer’s line of sight, but you’re able to insert eye catching content that they can directly respond to within their newsfeed.

  • Schedule Posts

    You can even schedule your Facebook posts in advance using the Bleupage scheduler, so you let it run automatically as you focus on other tasks.

  • Facebook Compliant

    Because Bleupage is fully Facebook compliant, you’ll never have to worry about the software becoming outdated, or having your privacy jeopardised, or having content auto posted without your consent.

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