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What is BleuPagePro?

Now no need to drudge all day long posting content on your social media accounts, pages, groups and blogs anymore, BleuPagePro finds and posts the most engaging content according to your niche and posts it on all the major social media networks that include, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and WordPress and that too on total automation.

Apart from taking care of all of your content demands, BleuPagePro also helps you in building your email lists, designing your own posts, bulk uploading, YouTube management, posting animated pictures, and discount coupons

Key Features:


Automate your social media accounts For Life:

Are you spending a lot of money on hiring a social media manager to select the best possible content and post it your social media platforms? Well it’s time to say goodbye to your social media manager. AutoPosting searches the most engaging and viral content and posts it to all of your social channels with just a mere click of a button.


No need to pay for content writers:

No matter if it’s social media or SEO, a blog is a must have, if one wants to achieve good rankings in the search engines or wants to engage visitors on social media, but whats even more important is updating the blog regularly, a practice where most of us fail, because of low budgets, not having enough time and other such reasons. This feature is for all of those troubled souls it can find and post the most engaging and viral content in your niche 24/7 on 100 percent autopilot.


100 percent set and forget

Are you tired of scheduling posts in the old casual way? Then this is the lifeline for you this cool feature allows you to buckle up all of your favorite content into one CSV file and upload it with the most simplest method available on the market.


Build your email lists:

Not getting much leads from social media? Well if not this is what you have been missing all along, it’s a proven fact that a great majority of social media users interact within the newsfeed and are not likely to visit your shared link to opt in for your offer. Keeping this fact in mind we have come up with this great feature that lets your share discount coupons directly inside your newsfeed and also allows you to add email gates to your posts which makes sure that your lists don’t run out of relevant and fruitful leads. All of your leads are saved to your autoresponder service and you can also configured automated emails for automated messages.


Contents Fetcher:

Fetches content from RSS, ATOM, RDF, XML feeds and Facebook pages and posts to your social media pages, profiles and groups, means now you can share the content of famous websites, like CNN, BBC, MASHABLE or any website of your choice on your social media channels automatically. The user defined content attracts double the amount of organic traffic that you can ever reach with any other technique or paid advertising and content fetcher makes things easier for you in this department as well.

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NOTE: All sales are front end sales and we'll announce the winners on 15th May and prizes will be distributed through before 16th May 2017.


  • Create a post and publish it to all social platforms with one click.


Commission: 50%


First 6 Hours: $37
Next 48 Hours: $47
Last 72 Hours: $67

Post to a new post to all of your social media platforms with a single click

Use auto configuration to automatically post content to your blog 24/7

Commission: 50%

UPSELL 1 Content Fetcher

$27 a month OR $197 per Year

Use RSS, ATOM, RDF, XML feeds to fetch and post content

Use Facebook search to fetch most viral content and post

Supports all major social media networks

Commission: 50%


$47 Lifetime

Automates all of your content on all the major social media networks

Perfect solution for those who want to set up things with a single click


$500- $1,500 per

Day Selling Products & Services From 100% FreeTargeted Traffic On Complete Autopilot!



Brand NEW Account In BleuPage.
Zero Visitors. Zero Content. Zero Activity


REAL people in seconds,clicking,reporting,
linking & engaging with your viral content

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About Us

Who we are?

The one of the best and in budget social media marketing app that has a passionate and a dedicated team working 24/7 to revolutionize the way social media management and marketing is done.

What we do?

Our primary goal is to come up with trend breaking advancements in the field of social media marketing and make life easy for social media marketers by creating cutting edge software’s with the highest industry standards.