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Bleupage Pro is the world’s
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Discover The Big Problem You Currently Have With Social Media And How You Can Fix It… TODAY!

Social media is a MASSIVE opportunity for getting tons of targeted traffic, leads, and making sales.

The problem is that social media marketing has become SO big… many online entrepreneurs and business owners just don’t have the time to manage their social media marketing.

This leads to missed opportunities that
cost you money…

As the various social media networks continue to evolve, the WORLD becomes more and more dependant upon social media from everything from talking with friends and loved ones…

...And even what we should buy and what kind of experiences we have with various company’s products and services... The conversations we used to have in person or on the phone, have now gone online...

Are YOU part of that conversation?

...or are you sitting on the sidelines?

Although it’s getting harder to compete with the “big guys” out there

…...the good news is there has never been a better time for companies, brands, and even online entrepreneurs to join the conversation, build an audience, get traffic, and ultimately make money with social media…

...and if you just focus on Facebook only, you’re missing out… BIG TIME!

You Can’t Forget About All These Networks...

When You Focus On All The Major Social Media Networks...

You Have A MASSIVE Opportunity To Build A Targeted Following, Get Traffic, And Make Sales...




Companies like Virgin, Apple, and AT&T have millions of followers and make a lot of money from their Social Media Audiences…

AT&T Currently has 6,198,556 Likes
on their Facebook Page...

They’re doing pretty much everything RIGHT!

They carefully select the best articles, images, and videos that always gets a lot of comments, likes, and provoke conversation with their followers…

...and AT&T’s social media audience feels comfortable asking questions, commenting, talking about positive experiences, and even sometimes complaining…

The Problem is...

Running a Successful Social Media Campaign like these Big Brands is Extremely Expensive...


Think about it...

It takes a lot of people to get results like this… AT&T has multiple employees in the following positions...

  • A Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Writers
  • Market Analysts
  • Network Admins
  • Customer Service Reps (to reply comments)

And More...

According to Glassdoor.com, the average pay for a Social Media Manager is...

That’s $3,932.50 per month…

...and that’s the cost of filling just one crucial position… That doesn’t even include graphic designers, writers, network admins, and more...

If You’re Like Most Online Entrepreneurs, You Don’t Have The Money To Hire Experts…

So how do you compete? Should you just give-up and throw in the towel?

The good news is, you do have a couple of options for your social media marketing management...

That’s the option that most online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and small business owners choose...

But it rarely works out all that well…

Unfortunately, most people just don’t have the skills, time, or budget to do it themselves…

There is no shortage of social media management software out there…     But the problem with most software is…

What if you could Manage all of your Social Media Accounts in one place...



...And Start Getting FREE Traffic And Making Money Like This In Just Minutes… (Even If You’re A Newbie)

The Good News Is.... YOU CAN!

Bleupage Pro is the market's FIRST All-in-1 social media management tool that lets you manage ALL the majorsocial media platforms with just a few clicks of your mouse…

Who Is BleuPage Pro For?

The bottom line is this…

If you do ANYTHING online, you can benefit from BleuPage Pro.

Social media is big… and getting bigger… It’s CRUCIAL that you have a way to connect with people across multiple social media networks, and BleuPage Pro makes it easier than ever...

If you fall into any of the following categories, you NEED BleuPage Pro...

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Consultants - Use BleuPage Pro With Your Clients!
  • CPA Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Product owners
  • E commerce Stores
  • Even traditional small business owners will get more traffic, lead, and sales with BleuPage Pro...

What Our Clients Are Saying

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BleuPage Pro Gives You Everything You Need To Build Your Audience, Get FREE Traffic, And
Make Money NOW!

Bleupage Pro helps you engage your audience on all of the major social media platforms with the click of your mouse. This powerful software works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and even your own blogs and websites...

An engaged audience turns into leads and ultimately sales. People expect you to be active on social media, and now you can, without hiring a social media manager or spending countless hours managing all of your social media accounts. Bleupage Pro makes it easy, even if you have no online marketing experience or “tech” skills.

Why Bleupage Pro Is Better Than Other Social Media Management Software…

Simple User Interface

Our graphical user-interface doesn’t feel cluttered… When you login it’s easy to “point and click” your way to social media success (without any tech skills)


Create Posts That Stand Out With A Click.

We offer intuitive post design… others don’t!



No Learning Curve

Unlike other services that take weeks to learn, you can easily become a social media management expert in minutes with Bleupage Pro.

BleuPage Is The EASIEST To Use Social Media Management Software EVER Created...

Watch these short demo videos to see just how easy BleuPage Pro is to use.

Every one of our many features are this easy! You will be up and running in minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

And Bleupage Pro Works On All Browsers....

Bleupage Pro Integrates with these Major Email Marketing Platforms ...

And More To Come!

Plus, You Get Ongoing Support And
Updates Are Included!

Have you ever purchased a software that didn’t get the support

It's frustrating to buy something that doesn't continue to work over time.

With Bleupage Pro, we work around the clock to make sure our 10,000+ customers get the support,updates,and service they need.

Updates made to the modules you get today are all are included.

Bleupage Pro will be here for you today,tomorrow,and for months and even years into the future...



You NEVER have to worry about getting in trouble or violating the TOS of the social media platform when you use Bleupage Pro.

We’re Here If You Need Help

Although Bleupage Pro is very user-friendly, if you need help, we're just an email or ticket away, and we ALWAYS respond within 1 business day or less.

(Our average response time is just 4 hours…)

Get Bleupage Pro Today  So You Can...


Save Time It can take countless hours daily to manage your social media accounts manually...Bleupage Pro reduces that to MINUTES each day...

Save Money sure, you could hire someone to handle all of this fo ryou,but why? Bleupage Pro will do the work for you...24/7...365 days per year

Make More Money Bleupage Pro is powerful;...Quite frankly, this software is smarter than the average human and will get you more fans, likes, followers, and traffic than you could on your own


Here’s EXACTLY What You Get When You
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  • The BleuPage Pro web-based software that gives you everything you need to get traffic, sales, and leads from all the top social media networks
  • Drag and drop post designer,  insert images, text, background images and more!
  • Discount coupons sharing directly inside your newsfeed
  • Email gates integrated with major autoresponders .
  • Complete, easy to follow training in short video AND pdf format.
  • Access to software updates for your modules at no additional charge
  • World class support if you ever have a question or need help
  • Highly-discounted pricing (no monthly fees… if you get going with BleuPage Pro RIGHT now!)
  • An AGENCY LICENSE that allows you to manage up to 50 client or personal accounts.

Bonus #1

200+ Professionally Designed Templates

And more added each and every month!

These templates are professionally designed and perfect for many situations!

There are coupon templates, engaging post images, images for different events like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Summer Sale, Winter Sale, New Year etc etc.

You will get over 200 templates added to your account when you purchase today!

Bonus #2

Facebook Target Generator

  • Uncover thousands of hidden Facebook interests you would have never thought existed!

  • Expand your Facebook ad campaign audience for squeezing more profits from your campaigns!

  • Use “Power keywords” to get the MOST profitable interest targets for any niche imaginable!
  • Fully Facebook compliant, Target Generator does NOT violate any terms of service. So you can be confident when using our software!
  • Extract the number of likes & the number of people talking about each page target
  • Instantly know all the targets that have the most engagement using the Affinity data!
  • Search with multiple keyword phrases, and use the handy “power words” button to append all power words with a single click!
  • Never lose your data… save all your targets to external files in text, csv, and project files!

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In many ways, Bleupage Pro is BETTER than hiring someone to manage your social media accounts.

Bleupage Pro works tirelessly around the clock to get you traffic, send leads to your email list, and help you make more sales…

Although a social media manager would easily set you back thousands of dollars per month, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that today to get your hands on Bleupage Pro.

In fact, others have paid as much as $119.98 per month for access to Bleupage Pro… and it’s worth EVERY PENNY…

When you do the math in your head, it probably doesn’t take you very many new leads or sales to cover an investment of just $119.98 per month, does it?

And when you consider the amount of time you’ll save not having to login to multiple social media platforms to post and engage your followers and fans, $119.98 is a tiny investment…

But don’t worry…

You won’t pay $119.98 per month today.

Not even close...






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We’re willing to take on all of the risk here because we know once you start using Bleupage Pro to get more traffic, leads and sales, you’ll never want to go back to managing your social media marketing the “old, manual way” ever again.



Get Your Hands On The Market’s ONLY All-In-1 Social Media Management Software...

Frequently Asked Questions

BleuPagePro is a 100% autopilot software that gets you traffic, leads, and sales from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can manage all of your social media profiles from one place in just minutes each day.
This is an entirely new software and you will have to buy this to access all the great features that it has to offer. BP PRO offers auto posting also supports all the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, and YouTube. It also has Blog Posting feature that will post your blog posts across all the major platforms. BleupagePro also has other numerous features such as, Contents Feed, Discount Coupons, Email Marketing, Email Gate, Post Designer and Video Marketing.
You need BleupagePro to manage and market your social media accounts and pages, BleupagePro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages. It will help you in grabbing a colossal amount of leads with its Email Marketing feature. BleupagePro will also allow you to post discount coupons directly in your posts. If you want to automate all of your social media accounts and pages and want to increase your sales and traffic then you definitely need BleupagePro.
No you don’t have to download anything BleupagePro is completely web based application that is usable only with an active internet connection.
It is extremely easy to use even a 10 year old kid can set it up without any hassle.
You can’t post discount coupons, set-up email gates or make posts with high definition and eye catching templates without the help of this software. You can post content to all of your social media networks and pages on your own, but it will take a lot of time BleupagePro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages autonomously without you having to worry about anything.

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