Users Management

Schedule thousands of posts in minutes following a simple bulk scheduling solution. Eliminate the traditional scheduling pattern and save your precious time.

Client Approvals

Always keep your clients in the

loop get approvals before a post is

published. Provide clients with

dedicated access to analyze the

structure and performance of their


Content Poster

Post relevant and trending content

to your client social media assets

automatically. Cut the hassle of

researching, writing and 


Competitor Research

Study the competitors of your clients

to let them know about the key

growth factors that they 

are missing out on.

eCommerce Promoter

Manage the promotions of the

eCommerce stores of your clients,

Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce and

Amazon supported.

Posts Calendar

View all of your scheduled and posted

posts on a single dashboard Excellent

for reviewing the work that you have

completed or have scheduled 

for the future.

Pro Analytics

Daily, weekly, monthly, page views,

impressions, gender likes, online

activity check all of this and a lot

more to analyze the penetration of

your campaigns.


Client Report Generator

With just a simple click you can

download a detailed weekly report of

the services that you have provided

your clients with. You can also email

clients from within the Bleupage


Single Click Multi Poster

Post a single update to multiple

social media networks with a

single click. Save time and boost



Discover social media campaigns

and track effectiveness in real time

Check all social media posts using

timeline feature. 


WordPress Blog Management

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,

Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube,


YouTube Channel Management

Manage the YouTube channels of 

your clients. Upload or schedule their 

videos, monitor the stats, reply to the

comments and much more on a

single screen.

Pissaro Designer

Create stunning posts, images and landing pages.
Simple Drag-And-Drop Dashboard – Allows design novices to easily resize & add images, text and stylish fonts.

Bleupage Live Stream

Live streaming lets you engage with 

your audience in real time with a 

video feed Simply Drag & Drop

Dashboard – Easily upload your 

video to start live stream.