Make Money Selling Your Very Own Social Media Management Software

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Right now, social media is hot.

And it’s just getting BIGGER & bigger by the day.

There Are Over 3 Billion People Using Social Media RIGHT NOW,

& That Is Rapidly Increasing...

Of course, this is a massive opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with their current and prospective customers online…
...after all, social media is where most people spend a lot their time these days.

Worldwide Social Network - Billions

But It’s Not As Easy As It Looks To Manage Social Media Accouts...

  1. It’s time consuming
  2. There’s a "learning curve"
  3. And it can be expensive

That’s Why Many Businesses And Entrepreneurs Are Turning To Software To Manage Their Social Media Marketing…

Of course, this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a problem to solve that can make them great profits… You’re probably thinking…

That sounds great

But creating software is complicated & expensive, right?

Yes. It sure is.

We know first hand because...

We CREATED the world’s best, most feature-rich social media management software called,


In fact...

We Invested $500k And Over 3 Years To Get This Software Where It Is Today…

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What if you didn’t have to spend that kind of money and time to have your very own, high-quality social media marketing and management software?

What if you didn’t have to worry about development time and expenses?

What if you could “shortcut your way to success” and start making money RIGHT AWAY with your very own software?

The good news is… you can!

We’re Offering Limited White Label Licenses To BleuPage Pro So You Can Sell It As Your Own…

Before digging into the many features of BleuPage Pro and why people LOVE it, here’s why selling your own software is a huge opportunity for you right now…

In Fact, When We Launched BleuPage Pro On JVZoo,

We Did Six Figures In Sales In Just A Few Short Days…

You Can Get Results Like This Too With The BleuPage Pro White Label Program…

Here’s why people LOVE BleuPage Pro…

Bleupage Pro is the world’s most complete social media marketing and management software application that’s ever been released

Bleupage Pro supports ALL major social media networks…

BluePage Pro is the first and ONLY software tool that allows you to manage all 8 of these social media networks in one place… this saves time and money since you’d normally have to buy multiple software tools to do what BleuPage Pro does

Bleupage Pro uses a simple graphical user interface to make it extremely easy for anyone to use… even if you have no “tech” experience

There are multiple built-in options for getting instant access to quality content, creating gorgeous posts with a few clicks of your mouse, and for putting any social media marketing on autopilot…

We’ve also recently released BleuPage Pro in Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin so you can sell it worldwide…

Here’s What’s Included With The BleuPage Pro White Label Program…

Offer Includes

Your own brand

Company Name & Logo

Support Desk Link

Custom Messages in Footer of Software

Your own domain name

First time ever, BleuPagePro is offering its partners an opportunity to run social media & WordPress blog business with their own brand, logo and packages.




25 Copies

No Setup Cost

No Custom Domain


Master Software Licenses

Why You Need To Get This Right Now…

This is a VERY limited opportunity, and we reserve the right to suspend this offer or raise the pricing at any time…

It’s not everyday you have the chance start your own software company that can stuff tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket for such a small investment…

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to get your pieces of the $500 Billion social media pie!

Just Look At How Much Money You Can Make With This…

The best value is to get a master license which includes 100 copies of the software that you can resell, and we’re practically letting them go for just $20 per individual software license…

That means, if you sold each

Copy of software for just $40,

which is MUCH less than we charged,

you'd Double your money...

At $100per software install, you'd
bring in $10k in revenue...

And at the $200 price point that we charged for this, you’d be looking at $20k in revenue for a tiny $2,250 investment (includes setup fee).

And that’s if you’re only charging a one-time fee...

It’s VERY possible to sell this powerful software on a recurring basis and create a massive passive income stream for years to come…

Imagine having thousands of dollars coming in on a monthly basis making you money…

That’s what will happen when you get this ‘done for you’ solution to getting started in the social media management software business today!




25 Copies

No Setup Cost

No Custom Domain


Master Software Licenses

Frequently asked question

BleuPage Pro is a 100% autopilot software that gets you traffic, leads, and sales from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. You can manage all of your social media profiles from one place in just minutes each day.
This is an entirely new software and you will have to buy this to access all the great features that it has to offer. BP PRO offers auto posting also supports all the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, and YouTube. It also has Blog Posting feature that will post your blog posts across all the major platforms. Bleupage Pro also has other numerous features such as, Contents Feed, Discount Coupons, Email Marketing, Email Gate, Post Designer and Video Marketing.
You need Bleupage Pro to manage and market your social media accounts and pages, Bleupage Pro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages. It will help you in grabbing a colossal amount of leads with its Email Marketing feature. Bleupage Pro will also allow you to post discount coupons directly in your posts. If you want to automate all of your social media accounts and pages and want to increase your sales and traffic then you definitely need Bleupage Pro.
No you don’t have to download anything Bleupage Pro is completely web based application that is usable only with an active internet connection.
It is extremely easy to use even a 10 year old kid can set it up without any hassle.
You can’t post discount coupons, set-up email gates or make posts with high definition and eye catching templates without the help of this software. You can post content to all of your social media networks and pages on your own, but it will take a lot of time Bleupage Pro will post content to all of your social media accounts and pages autonomously without you having to worry about anything.




25 Copies

No Setup Cost

No Custom Domain


Master Software Licenses